Mobishield Finance Locker

In the event that the EMI is not paid on time, retailers shouldn't really worry because our Mobishield Finance Locker offers a variety of unique features to protect businesses. Retailers should not be concerned about EMI recovery, as it provides a full business security solution for you with our most reliable Mobishield Finance locker. It enables retailers to easily protect their loan-based handset sales from defaulted EMI and secure mobile shop businesses. It won't matter if someone switches SIM cards. You may be able to lock the customer's device if the EMI is not paid on time.

Supported Brands


Unique Feature Of The Dealer/retailer App

  • Maintain client data by using a licence key.
  • Use the client's name and phone number to follow them.
  • Model-specific information is accessible in the retailer's app.
  • There is a simple lock and unlock button available.
  • There is now a feature on client phones that allows them to check the status of the app.
  • The client can deactivate application from their phone by simply tapping "Deactivate" button.
  • Additionally, there are specifications for the Android smartphone versions operating system.

Advance Features

  • Lock Device

    We can send a reminder if a customer's EMI is past due, or either retailer can completely lock their phone.

  • Notifications Sent Automatically

    When their EMI payments are past due, customers are notified automatically.

  • Lock Setting

    You can lock customer mobile settings and control their mobile settings without getting any personal information.

  • Reset/Soft Boot

    You can turn off the reset feature to stop users from resetting their mobile devices.

  • Lock/Unlock Mobile Apps

    The retailer can lock or unlock social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. if customers don't pay their EMIs on time.

  • Track Customer Location

    If the customer is not making an EMI payment, retailers will be able to track the customer's device with just a few clicks.